FAQ’s wet underfloor heating and low profile wet underfloor heating

low profile wet under floor heating

low profile wet under floor heating

We answer a lot of questions about wood pellet boilers but this very often leads onto questions about wet underfloor heating.

(Just a quick point: the term “wet” and “water” underfloor heating are interchangeable, it simply implies that you have a water filled pipe beneath your floor, the water is heated by an external heat source which in turn makes your floor lovely and warm.

Common questions which we are asked but haven’t yet answered on this site are?

  • What is the cost of wet underfloor heating?
  • Can I connect my wood pellet boiler to a wet under floor heating system?
  • Are there low profile wet underfloor heating systems available?
  • Is Water underfloor heating expensive to run?
  • Is water underfloor heating reliable?

During the next few weeks I’ll begin answering these questions and also adding more, if you have a question you’d like to ask please ad it below.

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