Outdoor wood boiler plans

Outdoor wood boiler plans


Our latest project, which could be quite interesting to you, is an installation of a wood pellet boiler and waste wood burning boiler.

The wood pellet boiler 25kw (85360 btu is already installed and running well, it is linked to a 1000 liter (220 gallons) thermal store, from the thermal store, 2 pairs of 25mm (1″) underground insulated pipes run across to the house.

Phase 2 is to ad a 25kw (85360 btu) an outdoor waste wood boiler, this will also link to the thermal store.

There is a pretty good supply of waste wood, fallen trees etc locally, not enough to run the house all the time but I think it will save quite a bit of cash during the course of a year. The plan is to use it more in the summer for domestic hot water requirements, when we’re out in the garden we will burn all our garden rubbish, all the off cuts that I get from work and hopefully some of our household waste that can’t be composted. There is of course more time and work involved getting our heat like this but the thought is that we’d probably be lighting a bonfire anyway to get rid of stuff.  I estimate that for summer use we will get most of our domestic hot water by lighting the boiler 2 or 3 times per week.  Based on our bills for domestic hot water and heating prior to fitting the wood pellet boiler; the new outdoor wood boiler will pay for it’s self in just over a year,  it is costing £1500 or $2500. I guess if I really get into it, I will use it in the winter as well,  I’ll have to come back to you on that one! the ease of the wood pellet boiler may out way trudging around in 2 feet of snow moving logs. I forgot to mention the boiler details; it is called a Moderator, Unica, sensor, It has an efficiency of around 80% depending on what your burning.  If you’d like any more details about them or you’d like a chat about how it’s going then please feel free to drop me a message).

I’ll keep you updated once it’s installed, hopefully within the next month.

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