Wood pellet boiler cost

Wood pellet boiler cost

Wood pellet boiler cost, if you are replacing an old oil boiler or gas boiler; your “cheapest” short term option will be installing a boiler of the same type as the one you are replacing, so probably a gas or oil fueled boiler;  However, this is in the short term […]

wood pellet boiler installation costs

wood pellet boiler installation costs

Wood pellet boiler installation costs, as most installers will tell you when you ask them on the telephone are hard to estimate accurately without a site visit. Some wood pellet boiler installers, (especially the ones who are also supplying the boiler) will sometimes offer a fixed installation cost, I would […]

Wood Pellet Boilers, What you need to know! supplier reviews

Wood pellet boiler suppliers Reviews We haven’t included this feature yet on the site, Our feeling is that it would be useful; Do you agree Please let us know CLICK HERE Below is how we plan to frame the review, what do you think we’ve missed? again we’d be really […]

Cost of wood pellets

Cost of wood pellets

Cost of Wood Pellets The Cost of wood pellets and how to burn less: Although Wood pellet boilers are user friendly, environmentally friendly and far more economical than burning fossil fuels; wood pellets are NOT free. You will make savings by switching to wood pellets but also making sure your […]

Wood Pellet Boilers FAQ’s

Wood Pellet Boilers Faq’s These are questions often asked about wood pellet boilers and each question will have its own post in the future but for now I will give brief answers; If you’d like answers to specific questions or a more detailed answer please join our mailing list (We […]

underfloor heating information

Underfloor heating information We hope to publish this post very soon, sorry to keep you waiting. If you have any questions regarding underfloor heating, Pros, cons etc? please ask we’d be delighted to try to help. CLICK HERE

Wood Pellets  Storage

Wood Pellets Storage

Storage of Wood Pellets Wood pellets can be stored in many different ways but one factor remains critical at all times and in whatever manner you store your wood pellets. They MUST, MUST, MUST be kept dry and away from moisture. I cannot stress how important this is, it doesn’t […]

Wood Pellets cost and suppliers

How much do wood pellets cost? Below is a cost comparison chart for wood pellets (data valid 2013)     Suppliers of Wood Pellets   Data will be here soon. Thanks