Wood Pellet Boilers UK

Many manufacturers have now entered the UK market for wood pellet boilers, The variation in price and build quality is huge.

Wood pellet boilers UK, Wood pellet boiler cost and what to expect for your money

On the whole, Wood pellet boilers in the UK  generally cost more  than in some other parts of Europe where the technology is more established.

Wood pellet boilers in the UK can cost  from as little as £1,800 and at the other end of the scale £20,000 or more. As we’ve mentioned often on this site;  a low cost wood pellet boiler can mean,

  • higher labour input, it will probably have a small pellet storage hopper and require the ash to be emptied more often and have a manual cleaning requirement
  • A low cost wood pellet boiler could be low or inferior quality but this isn’t always the case, for example Ferroli wood pellet boilers  have a cast iron boiler construction and a very highly regarded burner unit but can cost as little as £2500. Wood pellet boiler cost is obviously dependant on the materials used to in construction, cast iron has a long life expectancy but some boilers are built from plate steel; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however the thickness of the steel is important, some wood pellet boiler fire boxes are made of steel which is far too thin and this will drastically reduce its useful life.


Okofen wood pellet boiler

More expensive wood pellet boilers, will often only need their ash emptied once or twice per heating season, they will normally have automatic or semi automatic cleaning systems. Wood pellet boilers in this bracket are usually linked to a larger pellet storage hopper or pellet silo, which may have capacity for up to a years supply of wood pellets. ( A word of warning: don’t install a hopper which will end up storing more than a years supply of wood pellets; even in the best of conditions, pellets tend to absorb a certain amount of moisture and will begin to disintegrate which will cause blockages and potential ignition problems)  the fire chamber will be built from either cast iron or thick boiler plate steel all in all leading to a less labour intensive experience.

High end wood pellet boilers that we like are:

Another important note worth a mention! Not all wood pellets are created equal! some are far better than others and although most manufacturers conform to a quality standard, our experience has been that this doesn’t always hold true. So before filling a ten tonne silo with wood pellets; it is well worth testing your boiler with perhaps 100kg or at least get some advice from other users of the wood pellets that you are thinking of using. It can be really annoying to find that your boiler doesn’t run well on a certain wood pellet and you still have 9 tonnes left in your silo!