Wood pellet Boilers imageWhat are Wood Pellet Boilers?

I decided that I should include this section at the very last minute, I know most of you will already know what a wood pellet boilers are so I hope you don’t find this explanation patronising or think that it will set the scene for the rest of the website!

I just felt that it should be here!

Wood pellet boilers in essence are really no different to conventional oil boilers or gas boilers;

Their purpose is to heat water; except instead of using oil or gas as the fuel, they use pellets made from wood; actually saw dust, wood shavings etc.

Wood pellet boilers: The different types

Early Wood pellet boilers

These were often NOT self igniting.

  1. At the beginning of the heating season the pellet burner would be ignited manually
  2. Then it would burn, (very gently but continually) Even when there was no demand for heat
  3. When there was a demand for heat, the fan would start up and increase the level of heat produced, (This was the only point at which the pellets were actually burning efficiently!

Things have moved on significantly since then!

Any boiler that you consider purchasing now, will be self igniting; (If it’s not walk away)

Wood Pellet boilers now tend to fall into 2 general categories

Category 1: Very Simple

These boilers consist of a “Firebox” surrounded by a water jacket

Normally with 2 doors on the front: One door for emptying ash, the other has an “external” pellet burner attached.


  • Very Affordable, If budget is a consideration, These are without doubt the boilers offering the fastest payback time.
  • Arguably; As this type of boiler is so simple, the “reliable” life expectancy will be longer.
  • These boilers are normally foolproof, there is very little to go wrong with the boiler section and the pellet burner which is attached to the front (or side) of the boiler is very easy to access for maintenance.


  • Requires a certain amount of time to clean internally (Often bi weekly) generally this will take no longer than a 5 to 10 minutes
  • The operating efficiency may not quite match that of the boilers in category 2 (but this must be balanced with the difference in initial cost)

Wood pellet Boiler simple