Wood Pellet Stoves?

The purpose of this site was to advise on wood pellet boilers, but there is now a small “cross over” between the 2 terms. (A slight contradiction on my earlier comments!) a few wood pellet boilers can in fact be installed in living areas. These boilers are, on the whole more aesthetically pleasing than a regular wood pellet boiler. With these boilers, some of the heat generated is transferred to the surrounding area, while the majority is used to heat water for the central heating system and domestic hot water. These units tend to be in the smaller output range, In my experience below 30kw.

Wood pellet stoves

We should also talk briefly about wood dedicated wood pellet stoves whose sole purpose is space heating. These units are generally far less expensive than a wood pellet boiler; starting from as little £1100 or £1200 and up to around £4500. I’m sure there are exceptions but these prices give you an idea of what to expect.

Wood Pellet stove are generally tall and slim, at the mid, front area of the unit is the “firebox” (Where the pellets burn and the heat is produced) this normally has a glass door so the fire inside is visible. Below the firebox is an ash tray / ash collecting area and above the firebox is a pellet storage hopper, the hopper typically will hold enough wood pellets to last 24hours