Wood pellet suppliers

wood pellet suppliers. This is a link to a site called the “log pile” however it also relates to wood pellets!

Here is a link to wood pellet suppliers in Scotland

10 Questions to ask potential wood pellet suppliers, some are obvious but easily overlooked

  1. How much do wood pellets cost per tonne?
  2. Do the wood pellets have “ENplus” certification? This is becoming the quality standard which wood pellet suppliers or should I say their wood pellets need to meet, If they don’t have certification they may not be bad pellets but why risk it!
  3. Does the cost of the wood pellets include delivery? If not how much is delivery?
  4. When the wood pellet delivery lorry arrives how long is the pellet delivery tube? (They can normally pump pellets about 30 meters but it is worth checking
  5. Does the wood pellet delivery lorry have the same connection on its pipe that you have on your wood pellet storage?
  6. Can the supplier give you along term fixed price contract? Some suppliers are happy to fix their wood pellet price for a number of years, this can give you peace of mind in being able to budget for a number of years.