Wood pellet vacuum systems

Wood pellet vacuum sytems


Wood pellet vacuum systems are devices designed to move wood pellets from one place to another, This is normally from a wood pellet storage hopper to the wood pellet boiler. The massive advantage of wood pellet vacuum systems is the flexibilty they provide, They enable you to site your wood pellet boiler in one place but locate your wood pellet storage in a completely different area.

The traditional method of moving wood pellets to the boiler has been to use an auger, augers are fine but they can really only move pellets in straight lines whereas with a pellet vacuum system the flexible tube which links the wood pellet hopper to the pellet boiler can go around corners, move pellets between floors, both up and down.

I would caution at this point that it is always good practice to keep bends in the tube to a minimum and to keep the pipe run as straight as you can.

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